Thursday, October 11, 2007

Real choice in state funded education

Perhaps we should be more like Sweden.

via Maggie's Farm.

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Admiral Burns said...

The problem I see with doing this in the US is that in many communities the private schools are church based. It would be fine if all church educators were like the Jesuits. But, I grew-up in the south with a girl who went to private, Baptist run schools. She knew a lot about the Bible, but to my knowledge she still doesn't understand the concept of division or fractions. I could be wrong about this, she may have gotten it with her GED studies while in rehab for her crack addiction.
I also think that it is unreasonable to say that it will cost a public school system X amount of dollars to educate one particular child and that sending those dollars to a private school with that child will not effect the public school system he is leaving.I don't believe the way to fix our public schools is to take money from them, and that is how most proposed voucher systems work. Lets hand public education over to the Navy. We need their "Don't give up the ship" attitude in fixing education.