Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dog survives fire by hiding in bathtub

When fire broke out in the morning at Credidio's Farmingville house, Jackson jumped into the tub and put his nose in the drain. Firefighters Vince Egbert and Edgar Trejo pulled aside a shower curtain and found the dog "actually sucking air out of the drainpipe, which is an old-school thing that a fireman would do," Egbert said.

"That's what really saved him, was getting his snout as low as he could and finding the drainpipe."

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Busy Mom's Looking Glass said...

How incredible. When were expecting our first puppy I read about a German Sherpherd who suffered burns all over his body while pulling members of his family out of a burning house. That turned this reluctant pet owner into a German Shepherd lover. That was 11 years old and our third German Shepherd just turned one year old.