Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Right Said "Fred"

But is he too sexy to be President?


Kristee said...

I think he is the kind a sexy we need! I have yet to officially endorse a candidate but he has turned my head the most.

Who are you lookin at?

Mike Stajduhar said...

Thompson is my guy...for the moment. I supported McCain in 2000 but I've been disapointed by him since (except for his stance on the war). I guess my second choice at this point would be Giuliani. I'm pro-life and Giuliani is pro-choice but you can't have everything. He says he'll apponint judges like Thomas and Scalia and frankly I think he's telling the truth.

Romney is ok...he says the right things, but I'm not sure I really trust him. I'm afraid he might "grow" in office and start doing things to make the New York Times like him. For an example of this see John McCain.

Anonymous said...

Well...he is straight out of central casting.

Nozzle said...

Unless Fred shows more gumption and stamina than he has thus far I suspect he will fade quickly. Take a good look at a typical week that GW puts into the job and try to imagine Fred doing the same. I can't...Leadership is very much an endurance game. I learned through 20 years as a Marine Officer that effective leaders are generally very physical. It takes tremendous energy to keep up with travel, meetings, briefs, speeches, studying your notes, listening to subordinates, divining the right path when you sometimes hear ten ways to build a mousetrap...I'm afraid Fred while being a fine gentlemen probably lacks the physicality for the job.

Mike Stajduhar said...

You may be right. It’s definitely true that the knock on Fred at the moment is that he’s not a hard worker. We’ll see. The rigors of the campaign will test him and hopefully he’ll come through it well.

It’s worth remembering that they said much the about Ronald Reagan. As far as I’m concerned he did ok.