Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Wonderful Trip To South Africa That Didn’t Happen Thanks To The TSA And Delta Airlines.


At this point, I've pretty much given up on flying altogether. My on my last trip the United check-in personnel at LAX were so rude (to other customers) that I demanded their names so I could report them to their superiors. Their response? Flee the area until I had passed through security. I guess their reasoning was if I couldn't identify them, my complaint would go nowhere.

On the plus side the United folks at O'Hare couldn't have been nicer and I've never had a problem with the TSA (though I haven't flown internationally since 9/11 so maybe I haven't seen them at their worst). I realize that everybody has good days and bad ones and that it's not fair to judge an entire industry based on a handful of experiences. Still, dissatisfaction is cumulative and between lousy customer service, seats designed by Torquemada, and the endless nickel and dimeing of their customers, I've had enough.

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