Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Barbaric and Draconian

It's always better when then government fears the wrath of the people than the other way round.

I think this story is profoundly shocking. The idea of taking away a child (as yet unborn) from a mother for crimes she might commit in the future runs against a tradition of common law dating back hundreds of years before the discovery of America. Can Britain have really fallen this far?

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Grendel said...


Welcome to Blair / Brown's Britain.


Mike Stajduhar said...

Any hope that the Conservatives might set things right anytime soon? Could Labour win a general election if Scotland were independent?

Grendel said...

Morning Mike,

It would be potentially difficult for Labour to win outright without the Scottish seats in Parliament. But because of the distribution of Parliamentary seats in relation to population concentrations it is heavily weighted against the Conservatives. So I would reasonably expect Labour to win next time but with a much reduced majority. There wouldn’t be Scottish independence before the next general election so it’s a bit of a moot point.

As you may know the Scots have their own Parliament which can now pass legislation on a wide range of ‘local’ issues in Scotland but still send member to Westminster who can vote on similar legislation that effects England. But English MP’s can’t vote on the same areas of policy in Scotland. And many of us are pretty annoyed about this. It’s a bit like Florida making its own laws and sending representatives up to the capitol to vote on similar Federal issues that have no effect in Florida because they have their own Parliament. How fair is that?

I’m an old fashioned Unionist who believes that Great Britain is stronger with all of its component nations working together - but there has to be equality. England essentially financially subsidises Scotland without the right to influence much of Scottish law making.

Isn’t this pretty much why you guys kicked us out in 1776?