Friday, September 07, 2007

Another take on the subprime lending crisis

[t]he poor could work off their debts. All over Greenwich I see lawns to be mowed, houses to be painted, sports cars to be tuned up...Transporting entire neighborhoods of poor people to upper Manhattan and lower Connecticut might seem impractical. It's not: Mexico does this sort of thing routinely.

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Admiral Burns said...

I must be getting conservative in my old age because I agree. I was poor (still am) and got ahead through student loans. If I don't pay them, the feds will cut my balls off. If I had just had my education handed to me and knew that I could stick the creditor after they paid for it, I probably wouldn't have even finished school. I would have had no incentive to get an education and a good job, because I would not have any bills to pay.
Don't make the poor mow your yard to pay off their debts. Put them in stocks in your front yard and envite your preppy friends over to throw rotten vegetables at them.