Thursday, August 30, 2007

A subprime bailout???

Check the story here. I cannot comment while using work-appropriate language. Suffice it to say I am not pleased. I guess I am an idiot for passing up on the suicide ARM's and sticking with a conventional thirty-year fixed. If only I had known a REPUBLICAN would swoop in and save the day, perhaps I would have joined the party.


Mike Stajduhar said...

It may get worse see this item.

Rybu said...

It's rediculous. Its socialist and puts an undue burden on the fiscallly responsible to save the financially inept.

I wrote a post about subprime I'd like to get your thoughts on. Don't worry about the work appropriate language...Let loose!

Lady Hampton said...

Consider the previous post on people who can't make change and this is not surprising....But this is in a country bursting with credit card companies and paycheck advance companies who prey on the stupid and desperate. Check out Dave Ramsey's website and the stories of the "stupid tax" and it's mind-boggling