Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Predictions or promises?

Thoughts on the Beatitudes


Kristee said...

My kids are working on memorizing this chapter. It's Jesus teaching Torah. The "blessed" is ashrei in hebrew meaning deeply contented. I like that. Fortunate is more greek thinking than hebraic.

Kristee :)

Mike Stajduhar said...

What a wonderful coincidence. It’s probably my favorite part of the bible.

I must confess to a deep ignorance about Hebraic vs. Greek translation issues. I’m afraid I’m limited to a couple modern European languages plus a little Latin. I suppose that’s why we have experts.

All the best,

Mike Stajduhar

Kristee said...

The NT being written in Greek for the masses yet it was written by Hebrew speaking Jews makes us have to dig a little deeper to understand the hebraic cultural nuances.

Jesus would have been speaking Hebrew and sometimes things do not translate as beautifully as the original. kwim...

I know some like to say that it was aramaic they spoke in 1st century Judea, but it is clear all spiritual teaching and worship was done in Hebrew. In Acts, Paul addressed the people in Jerusalem in Hebrew and on the road to Damascus Jesus addressed Saul/Paul in Hebrew.

There are wonderful nuggets of hebraic idioms that are just below the surface. Ironically, many of them can be found in the Talmud. Some of Jesus parables are in the Talmud.

I am fascinated by 1st century, 2nd Temple Judaism. Can ya tell? LOL

I enjoy your blog, you have a great mind.
have a great day,
Kriste :)