Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Arab Psychosis

From the article:

What Khalaf and every other phony Arab intellectual want you to believe is that Zionism is the heir to Nazism. These pseudo-intellects want to portray the Arabs as pre war Jews, fighting a war of a sorts, defenseless and and persecuted, made even worse because their ‘oppressors’ are Jews themselves.
Well, Arabs are not the equivalent of pre war Jews. Prewar Jews were not engaged in wholesale violence. Prewar Jews were not engaged in bigotry and racism that targeted minority groups. Prewar Jews did not threaten to blackmail the governments of the nations they lived in with violence if their demands were not met. Prewar Jews did engage in acts of terror and prewar Jews were not rioting and committing criminal acts, encouraged by their religious leaders. Prewar Jews were not living off government largesse and refusing to adapt to the values of their new home nations.

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